Membership to the Foundation may be done through the following modes:

  • Invitation by any members of the Board
  • Referral by any bona fide members of the Foundation
  • Application

The requirements for membership are as follows:

A. Duly Filled–up application Form
B. Basic Requirements
  1. For Business Establishments:
    – Mayor’s Permit, DTI Registration, BIR Registration
  2. For Corporations and/or Organizations:
    – SEC Registration, Accreditation Documents from government– authorized agencies
    – Mayor’s Permit, DTI Registration, BIR Registration
  3. For Individual/s:
    – Favorable endorsement or recommendation of existing member
  1. Membership Fee – PhP 5,000.00
  2. Annual Dues


HOTELS/RESORT 10 Rooms and Below PhP 5,000.00
11 – 20 Rooms PhP 7,000.00
21 – 30 Rooms PhP 10,000.00
31 – 50 Rooms PhP 15,000.00
51 – 150 Rooms PhP 30,000.00
150 Rooms and above PhP 50,000.00
RESTAURANT 50 persons and below Seats Capacity PhP 5,000.00
50–100 Seats Capacity PhP 7,000.00
100 and above Seats Capacity PhP 10,000.00
DIVE SHOP/AQUA SPORTS Diving Shops, Wind Sport Centers, Diving Schools, and Similar Businesses PhP 10,000.00
REALTY PhP 10,000.00
COMMERCIAL PhP 10,000.00
AIRLINE PhP 15,000.00
1. Acceptance of duly filled-up application form with attached complete documentary requirements

  • Review completeness of documents submitted/presented
5 minutes Secretariat (Pia/Joey)
2. Transmit to Chairperson, Committee on Membership Within next working day Secretariat (Secretary/Joey)
3. Committee Deliberations

  • If favorable, issue committee endorsement for the approval of the Board of Trustees
  • If not favorable, issue letter for the information of the applicant
Not more than 2 weeks upon receipt Chairperson
4. Transmit to the Board through the Secretariat to be calendared in the immediately ensuing regular meeting Within 3 days after Committee deliberations Chairperson
5.    Board Deliberations

  • If favorable, adopt Resolution confirming the favorable recommendations of the Committee on Membership
  • If not favorable, adopt a resolution denying the application. The decision shall be final.
6.    Formally inform applicant of the Decision of the Board Secretariat (Pia/Joey)
7.    Accept/collect payment of fees Secretariat (Joey)
8.    Arrange schedule for Oath Taking
9.    Include in the Master List of Members
  • BFI Form No. M-001          Letter of Invitation
  • BFI Form No. M-002          Membership Application Form
  • BFI Form No. M-003          Admission for Membership Receiving Checklist
  • BFI Form No. M-004          Transmittal Letter
  • BFI Form No. M-005          Committee Endorsement
  • BFI Form No. M-006          Board Resolution