The Boracay Foundation, Incorporated (BFI) was established in 1996 as a non-profit, non-stock association aimed at sustaining the island’s environmental, business, and social needs. It is currently composed of over a hundred fifty members representing Boracay Island’s leading establishments including resorts, hotels, restaurants, water sports, airlines, banks, island organizations, residents, and expatriates.

As an environment-conscious organization, BFI believes that without a healthy environment, tourism cannot be sustained for long. It is for this reason that it is actively involved in various environment preservation and restoration activities and projects focused on coastal resource management through close cooperation with the local government, and other organizations.

To promote business and growth on the island, BFI also facilitates the marketing and promotional programs of its members in its vision to maintain Boracay as the country’s premier and world-class tourist destination. It also leverages on the power of online marketing and promotions through its website, which provides updates on island activities and a comprehensive directory of its members. BFI joins local and international travel expos as part of its conscious effort to promote the island.

As a dynamic and focused organization, BFI is also involved in the development of communities surrounding the island through workshops, seminars and projects to improve professionalism in tourism-related services. It undertakes its community-based activities in close coordination with various government agencies.

BFI works hand-in-hand with the local administration, the provincial government, and the Department of Tourism. It also serves as a conduit between the business community and the local, provincial, and national government agencies.

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