The Boracay Basura Run was a success!

1.5hrs of fun spent running for good health and cleaning the beach for a healthy Boracay. We were able to collect a total of 1664 kg of waste all because of your help! Thank you to all volunteers and the 479 runners who shared their time to help clean the beacah while having fun 

The Boracay Basura Run 2018 is brought to you by: The Boracay Foundation, Inc.

in partnership with: the Boracay MultiSport Club and the 813rd Marine Company Reserve

Special Thanks to
1) Mr. Milanes Don and his Team
2) Prizes Sponsored by Wrangler Philippines
3) Red Coconut Boracay -c/o Connie Helgen
4) LGU Malay – Mayor’s Office and MENRO
5) LGU Malay Solid Waste Management Unit
6) Aria DMALL Aria Cucina Italiana
7) SB Natalie Cawaling Paderes
8) Kingfisher Farm Layson Aral
9) Jack Jarilla
10) Boracay Drone Deniya Bersaba
11) the BFRAV Medical Team Boracay Action Group (BAG) BFRAV Fire & Medical Responders RADM Leonard Tirol
12) Boracay Water Adel Lumagod Adel Lumagod
13) Paradise Cable Television Network Inc. Astrophel Tabanera
14) Our Volunteers: Ms Stella Marie Carreon Karen Bermejo Krystal Chloe Mei Tabanera Astrophel Tabanera June Vino Haron Deo the LGU Monitoring Team SWM Cielo Coching Sastre Celestina Sacapaño Rodriguez Keith Pareja
15) The community members who participated

Maraming Salamat po! Till next time 




The Boracay Basura Run – organized by the Boracay Foundation Incorporated in partnership with the 813rd Marine Reserves Company and the Boracay Multisport Club

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